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Good Bye PPP, Nawaz Khan Naji Wins in Ghizar

Source (Dardistantimes) Nawaz Khan Naji, the nationalist leader of Balawaristan National Front has secured a double margin victory, defeating the PPP fed Jawahir Ali Khan. The people of Ghizar have changed the course of politics in Gilgit-Baltistan by choosing a home-grown political thought for the first time ever in the history of the region.  Nawaz Khan Naji has got 8332 votes against 4513 votes of PPP Candidate.

Col. Karim of Pakistan Muslim League (N) stood second by getting 5051 votes. The results of the election have shunned Mehdhi Shah’s sky rocking claims of his party position in Ghizar.   Mehdhi Shah has wondered how on the earth a candidate could win in the presence of a party Governor and other Ministers.
“A victory of an opposing party— in the presence of our governor and senior ministers — is completely incomprehensible for me. Senior Party leaders are largely responsible for the defeat.  I will call upon a party meeting in order to probe into what went wrong in the election”, Mehdhi Shah said.
On other hand, Col. Karim of Muslim League (N) has thanked the people for their vigorous preference: him over the PPP candidate. He has accepted the mandate of the people and has offered his party support to Nawaz Khan Naji to better represent the people of Ghizar.
The election in Ghizar 19, by and large, remained peaceful; nevertheless, high security arrangements were put in place to hold the elections in 51 polling stations peacefully.  Social and political circles in Gilgit term the victory of Naji as  the change of direction while other equate Naji with Muzzafar Railey who started as a nationalist and became a loyalist to the former dictator, Perveiz Musharaf.
There was a vigorous criticism on PPP government of Gilgit-Baltistan that they attempted to influence and temper the electoral. Millions of rupees – in cash and in kind – were poured into the district even the day before the polling. That hardly impacted the people of Ghizar whose political vision, for decades, remained Larkana centric. Political workers in Gilgit-Baltistan see the defeat as the receding of PPP glaciers in Ghizar.
“This is the last round of PPP. The people of Ghizar have set the standard. Others, in Gilgit-Baltistan should follow them to change the treadmill.  I salute to the people of Ghizar who did not succumbed to pressure of fertilizers or flour. They were not impressed of the Governor and Chief Ministers. They defeated the government resources and machinery and listened to their inner conscious and decided what was best for them.” Said Mirza Hussain.
Naji, although, a sensible and seasoned politician, will have to navigate carefully through the turbulent politics of Gilgit-Baltistan, for carrying an off-beat ideology and jumping into the busy traffic of under table licensed politicians will easily dim his stance in the national politics.  However, his victory will have a long lasting impact on the voices raised for the rights of Gilgit-Baltistan.
An ex-party fellow of Nawaz Khan Naji, Hamid Khan has blamed that Naji is an under cover agent of ISI and that the secret agency is brewing a victory for him. In a local newspaper, few days before the election, he has felt sorry for Naji that he is playing in the hands of the agency to dismantle nationalistic struggles in the region.
Nawaz Khan Naji has said that his victory is the victory of his ideology that best represents the people of the region.

File Photo: Nawaz Khan Naji protesting against Gilgit Baltistan Governance package.


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Unofficial results :Nawaz Khan Naji wins

Source (Pamir Times) According to unofficial results received through various sources, Nawaz Khan Naji (NKN), Supreme Leader of the nationalist Balawaristan National Front (BNF) has staged a resounding victory in LA – 19, Ghizar – 01, by-election.

Naji has, reportedly, obtained 8218 votes as compared to PML(n) candidate, Col (r) Karim’s 5074. Candidate of the ruling party, Engineer Jawahir Ali Khan has been able to get 4564 of the votes cast.

The polling, by and large, remained peaceful. Official result of the by-election will be notified by the Election Commission. According to some sources PPP has accepted defeat.

It is pertinent to note that thee LA – 19 seat was considered to be a confirmed PPP seat, constantly won by present GB Governor, Syed Pir Karam Ali Shah, for the past 35 years.

Nawaz Khan Naji has been popular among the youth of Gilgit – Baltistan he has vocally presented the region’s case at different platforms.

However, there are people who believe that Naji may have compromised some of his party’s basic ideologies to win votes during the recent elections. At point during the election campaign Naji said that he is not against Pakistan. “I am going to take oath of allegiance to Pakistan”, Naji had reportedly said, in sharp contrast to his earlier stances.

Some analysts believe that Naji will have to remain flexible if he wants to stay relevant in the politics of Gilgit – Baltistan, where federalist parties have always had the upper hand.

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Nawaz Khan Naji is arrested days before election

Source ( Dardistan Times) The by-election in Ghizar was postponed On March 14th by Election Commission(EC) of Gilgit-Baltistan and was rescheduled to be held on April 30, 2011. Law and order situation and cold weather was, then, held out to be the reason for the delay. That schedule is now changed as the Chief Court has declared the Election Commission’s decision null and void.

The new election schedule is, now, for March 30th.  In the meanwhile, Nawaz Khan Naji has been arrested in an alleged fight with a junior police official in Chher Qila. The fight is said to be a verbal assail on the part of Naji. However, the bureaucrats of Ghizar Distric with the help of Gilgit Wazarat did not miss the opportunity to entangle him before election.

Charges have been brought up against him under sections 186, 353, 147, 586 and the Single Valley police have arrested him. He is currently locked up in Gahkuch police station.
File Video: Navaz Khan Naji Adress A Crowd in GB

Supporters of Naji in Ghizar and other places are in an agitation over the arrest of the nationalist leader of the region. Scores of people in Ghizar have protested and condemned his arrest over a small verbal assail.

“It is absolutely cheap act on the part of the Pakistani bureaucrats who over night invent the legal and administrative catch for Naji, to prevent him represent the oppressed people of this region. Naji has guts to expose and who can afford him. You can expect these stunts from the inept local police”. Shakir a supporter of Naji told Dardistan Times.

On the other hand government officials maintain that Naji can run for election while he is in lock-up. A mere allege cannot hold him disqualified.  Soon after the clash with the police official at Chher Qila, Naji reportedly had apologized from the police official but his apologies were turned down.

Majority of the social and political circles in Gilgit-Baltistan have condemned harassing political leaders in fabricated and exaggerated charges, days before the election. However, Mehdhi Shah, the Chief Minister (CM) of Gilgit-Baltistan, in a media statement has hinted to punish Naji adequately. Muhammad Jaffer and Wazir Shakil, pro PPP politicians have termed Nawaz Khan Naji a foreign agent who fuels terrorism in the region. Deputy Speaker GBLA said that Naji’s aggressiveness will not be tolerated.

News Source (Baadeshimal)

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