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Ashura to be observed today, foolproof security in Gilgit

Foolproof security measures have been adopted to avert any untoward incident on Youm-i-Ashur in Gilgit.

Official sources said the mourners would be provided foolproof security by the police, which will be assisted by the paramilitary troops.

The routes of small and main processions have been cleared by the security forces, which would be sealed on the Ashura.

Only selected places would be open to join the mourners’ processions where walk through gates have been installed. Body search for the mourners will be a must.

The sources said entry and exit points had been sealed and would remain closed till termination of processions which will be taken out from the central Imamia Mosque Gilgit. The main procession will be joined by the small groups of mourners reaching the venue from all across the region from early morning.

The procession would pass through its traditional routes where close circuit cameras have also been installed. Several control rooms linked by the main control room at the city police station have also been set up. The health department officials would also extend help in case of any emergency.

Meanwhile, Gilgit police arrested a young boy who had opened indiscriminate fire in the air in the heart of city, which created panic among the people.

News published in Dawn News

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