Killing of innocent people in Kohistan by Ejaz Karim

Killing of innocent people in Kohistan by Ejaz Karim

Demonstrations all over Gilgit – Baltistan including (Diamer and Chilas-pure Sunni areas) are testimony of peace and harmony among the people of the region. People of Gilgit – Baltistan want peace and still I believe they are peaceful and human loving people.

History of sectarian killing in Gilgit is not a new issue. One cannot relinquish the atrocities of a brutal dictator General Zia in Gilgit. He filled entire Pakistan including Gilgit with religious extremist and terrorists. A brutal military dictator sowed the seed of the menace in the Gilgit in 1988– who massacred hundreds of innocent people and destroyed entire villages.

Nevertheless, it is a challenge and time; for the federal Government, Government of Gilgit – Baltistan and people of the region to control over sectarian killing in Gilgit. However, I am sure if each segment plays its role positively and sincerely we can confront the menace of sectarianism the region. We can maintain peace and harmony by avoiding conflict and hate, if we want peace in the region we would have to think first being a human and we would have to think beyond our sectarian circles. There are certain measures that certainly would help us to encounter the problem:

First Government of Gilgit – Baltistan should be empowered enough to encounter the domestic terrorism. Enough financial, logistic, and technical support should give to Government of GB to counter terrorist and particularly Government should ensure security to passengers who are traveling from Islamabad to Gilgit or vice-versa and other long route within the region. Secondly, an independent transparent judicial inquiry should make of all those who have been responsible and involved in sectarian killing during 1988 and onward. Thirdly, Government should take action irrespective of sectarian favoritism. Fourth, point out the people and organizations behind the sectarian violence and penalize the responsible. leaders should come forward and give the education of love rather than hate, forgiveness rather than revenge. Last but not least, every segment of society should be involve to counter the menace of sectarian killing, particularly youth and students– backbone of a society; I believe they can play a decisive role in peace building, youth would have to realize their responsibly and try to be a stockholder in creating peace and harmony among the sect and people of Gilgit – Baltistan would have to realize the fact and reality instead of blaming others sects.

Being a common citizen of Gilgit and a rational student of political science, I do not believe in conspiracy theories.

By Ejaz Karim , Political scenic student at Fc College Lahore