Shahid Akhter Qalandari

talib hussain

Mehr-e-Menas (New Album)


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Shahid Akhtar is one of leading singer in Burushaski language. He is form Hunza, has released 4 albums. The 4th album has been flopped rest of 3 albums are still famous in burushaski musical market.

Burushaski Language

The Burushaski or Burushko language, is a language isolate (that is, not known to be related to any other language of the world). It is spoken by Burusho people in the Hunza, Nagar, Yasin, and Ishkoman and some parts of the Gilgit valleys in Gilgit Baltistan Pakistan and by about 300 Burusho people in Srinagar, India. In Shina language for Burshaski people called Hungejo.

  • Yasni Burushaski, Yasni
  • Nagari Burushaski, Nagari (Khagon)

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