Ismaili Shina, Burushaski & Farsi Ginans & Qasidas

Ismaili Ginans & Qasidas are in Burushaski or Farsi. Qasida is usually performed at solemn occasions as religious practice in Ismailies. Maher Angaiz is papular Ginan Khowan in Gilgit Baltistan.

ismaili ginans

What are Ginans

The Ginans are religious lyrics or hymns reflecting the synthetic and ecumenical reach characteristic of allied genres, such as the poetry of the Sufi and Bhakti traditions in the medieval, Indo-Islamic environment. Testifying to the origin and evolution of the Ismaili community in Indo-Pakistan the Ginans continue to form this community's living, poetic tradition to this day.

Ginans are a vast corpus of devotional literature in the form of lyrics and hymns worshiping and praising God, and has been the living tradition of Ismailis particularly from the South Asia.

The poetry of the Ginans illustrates a historically and culturally specific conception of the world, and of the norms peculiar to that culture, as well as a religious perception that forms a significant part of the religious experience of mankind.

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